Flowers and Art

The Next Generation of Florists

Becoming a professional florist and designer takes hard work and advanced courses. A flair for design and artistry are important for those that want to create unique arrangements from flowers and greenery. Floral designers must see past individual flowers and envision the finished product they are creating. This is the same concept used in any type of art work. Whether they are seeking a harmonious arrangement for a bridal bouquet, or a stunning contrast in a standing arrangement for an event, they must understand how their elements will fit together.

Learning how to be a floral designer does take time. Courses in many schools are fast tracked for beginners. Advanced classes may have flexible hours, but each course has a minimum number of classroom hours before a student will pass the course. Each person that wishes to become proficient in floral design must take at least basic courses. The four types of courses necessary are hand-tied, funeral, arranging and design theory.