Flowers and Art

Modern Floral Design

In many Western countries, the art of floral design has become an important career. Experts now take seasonal flowers and combine them to create beautiful displays. Many of these designs are part of arrangements by commercial flower delivery companies that have a network of franchises. The designer chooses the flowers, the vase or flower base, and comes up with an overall design. They then choose several variations for shops that might not have all the elements available. These arrangements are then advertised online for consumers to select and purchase for delivery.

While not all floral design is for franchise systems, this has become a big business in the past few decades. Being able to order a floral arrangement from one end of the country and send it to the other has been a big hit with the more mobile generations of today. They can see what their loved one will receive when the flowers are delivered. It gives them an opportunity to call and share the joy their gift has given.

Floral art has long been a part of Western culture. Florists study design to learn how best to arrange different flowers for many occasions. Weddings have long been part of their business. They provide boutonnieres to match the groom and ushers’ suits as well as the flowers that will be carried by the bride and her attendants in bouquets. Flowers to decorate the church are also part of their accomplishments. Many married couples have long admired the beauty of the flowers from their wedding in pictures and videos.

Not all florists go to school to learn the art of flower arrangement. Some grew up with parents that owned a flower shop and studied there. While apprenticeships in floral arrangement are not a common part of floral design, this type of family arrangement has long been popular.