Please Note: ALL times are approximate – All events to follow as soon as practicable in order of programme.
Field Events: Youngest Age Group First (Except High Jump)


CodeStart TimeEventAge Group
T111.3070mHU/13 Girls
T275m HU/15 Girls
T375m HU/13 Boys
T480mHU/17 Ladies
T580m HU/15 Boys
T6100m HU/17 Men
T712.20150mU/13 Girls
T8150mU/13 Boys
T9200mU/15 Girls
T10200mU/15 Boys
T11200mU/17 Ladies
T12200mU/17 Men
T131.00800mU/13 Girls
T14800mU/13 Boys
T15800mU/15 Girls
T16800mU/15 Boys
T17800mU/17 Ladies
T18800mU/17 Men
T191.503000mU/17 Ladies
T203000mU/17 Men
T212.101200mU/13 Girls
T222.20300mU/15 Boys
T23300mU/17 Ladies
T242. 35400mU /17 Men
T252.4075mU/13 Girls
T2680mU/13 Boys
T27100mU/15 Girls
T28100mU/15 Boys
T29100mU/17 Ladies
T30100mU/17 Men
T313.201500mU/13 Boys
T321500mU/15 Girls
T331500mU/15 Boys
T341500mU/17 Ladies
T351500mU/17 Men
T364.004 x 100mU/13 Girls
T374 x 100mU/13 Boys
T384 x 100mU/15 Girls
T394 x 100mU/15 Boys
T404 x 100mU/17 Ladies
T414 x 100mU/17 Men
T424.304 x 300mU/17 Ladies


CodeStart TimeEventAge Group
F111.00HammerU/15 Girls
F1HammerU/15 Boys
F2HammerU/17 Ladies
F3HammerU/17 Men
F411.30Long JumpU/15 Girls
F611.30High Jump 1.05mU/13 Boys
F7High Jump 1.05mU/13 Girls
F812.30DiscusU/15 Boys
F9DiscusU/17 Men
F1012.45Shot PuttU/13 Girls
F11Shot PuttU/13 Boys
F1212.45Long JumpU/15 Boys
F141.15High Jump 1.15mU/15 Girls
F15High Jump 1.25mU/17 Ladies
F161.30DiscusU/15 Girls
F17DiscusU/17 Ladies
F182.00Shot PuttU/15 Boys
F19Shot PuttU/17 Men
F202.05Long JumpU/13 Girls
F21Long JumpU/13 Boys
F232.45High Jump 1.25mU/15 Boys
F24High Jump 1.35mU/17 Men
F263.15Shot PuttU/15 Girls
F27Shot PuttU/17 Ladies
F293.30Triple JumpU/17 Men
F30Triple JumpU/17 Ladies