The league will be a divisional structure depending on the number of clubs taking part.

  1. There will be promotion or demotion if there are two or more divisions.
    Division winners will receive a team trophy.
  2. Where possible tracks to be used to minimise travel for clubs in division
  3. Clubs must provide 1 track judge, 1 timekeeper and a field team (minimum of 4 and at least 1 must be qualified)
  4. Each club may have 2 athletes per event.
  5. Match point scoring will be as follows:
    PREMIER & DIVISION 1:  8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
    League Points:   1st = 4 – 2nd = 3 – 3rd = 2 – 4th = 1
    DIVISION  2 (5 CLUBS):       10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
    League Points:   1st = 5 – 2nd = 4 – 3rd = 3 – 4th = 2 – 5th = 1
  6. The team with the highest number of league points after four matches will be division winners.
    Top 1 promoted and Bottom 1 demoted (see rule 2)
  7. All events to be held under UKA / League rules.
  8. Age groups as at midnight on August 31st in the competition year.
  9. Official club colours must be worn. Athletes must compete in their own age group only.
  10. All athletes may compete in a maximum of 3 events plus 1 relay or 2 events plus 2 relays.
  11. Personal Individual Numbers will be issued to all athletes.
    Numbers must be worn as issued.
  12. If any clubs are equal on league points after the completion of all 4 matches, the club with the most points after 3 matches will be deemed the higher.
  13. Under 13 & under 15 athletes must not compete in two events of 800m and above in one competition day.
  15. The officers of the league shall have the final say on any disputes or infringement of the rules their decision will be final.